p5.play is a 2D game engine made by Computer Science teachers to help you turn your game ideas into JavaScript code!

It uses p5.js for graphics rendering. We share the Processing Foundation's goal of make coding more accessible for artists, designers, educators, and beginners. Behind the scenes p5.play version 3 uses planck (Box2D), a physics simulator that's been used in popular 2D games like Angry Birds and Tiny Wings.

Ready to learn how to use p5.play to prototype, develop, and publish your own games?

First take a look at the interactive reference page for Sprite. You can use this template sketch to start making your own games with p5.play. You can view the open source code on GitHub and npm.

Created by Quinton Ashley (@quinton-ashley) Copyright 2022. Looking for the legacy version of p5.play? Click here.